Humdingers has 8 indoor fully automated, very cool batting cages in a comfortable area with pro dugout seating. Although we have 8 batting cages, we actually have 12 pitching machines. How on earth does this work?

We’ll tell you! Cages 1 & 2 (Little League Baseball) and cages 7 & 8 (FastPitch Softball) are standard single machine cages as noted below in the Batting Cage Speed Operation section. Cages 3,4,5 and 6 are what we call “DUAL” cages. They have 2 machines in them each. A baseball pitcher and a softball pitcher. The baseball speeds for each cage are listed below as well as the softball speeds. But we can tell you right now that all those 4 softball machines (in cages 3,4,5,6) are Slow Pitch Low Arc LOB pitchers with an arc of about 8′. To CHOOSE between Baseball or Softball in a DUAL cage, you must press either the WHITE or YELLOW button on the Humdinger Play Card box. WHITE is for BASEBALL and YELLOW is for SOFTBALL.

Every cage has its own Hit-Cam, which we’ve developed over the past couple of years. The Hit-Cam is a camera located about 30 feet in front of the batter and is connected to a 50″ monitor in front of each batting cage. Friends, family, coaches, instructors, and others can watch you hit close up and also record your awesome style with their own device.

So come on over to Humdingers and perfect your hitting game!