Humdingers presents the ultimate Star Wars trivia event produced by Trivia AD and hosted by Steve Strangio.

Oh sure, we could do all sorts of Star Wars puns right now, but instead, let’s talk about how much fun the trivia nights are at Humdingers.

This is actually the second time we are doing Star Wars trivia, and the first time featured several players dressing up in costumes for the event. Do you want to CosPlay for the event? That would be all kinds of awesome and we would interview you for our Facebook page

Trivia AD is the company that produces these events and each show features five rounds of different types of trivia questions. We encourage players to form their own teams and come up with awesome Star Wars related team names.

Oh yes, there are first and second place prizes that include Play Cards, T-Shirts, and Souvenir Cups!

Are you the ultimate Star Wars fan?

Make your reservations now on our Facebook page and show up to win!

… just remember to let the Wookie win (okay we had to get at least one reference in there). 😏

Make your reservations NOW and plan out your CosPlay! We will interview all people that wear costumes and feature you on our social media.

Posted by Humdingers on Wednesday, July 18, 2018