The Party Department is an awesome name for a place to work! 

Humdingers sat down with Breanna to find out some info about what kinds of parties we do right here.  

HUMDINGERS: Tell us the exact name of your department and what you do.

BREANNA: I run the Party Department. My job is to book all types of parties and group events, I give tours, and I schedule everything. I finalize a lot of the details and I help add things on. I work with people to get the event that they want.

HUMDINGERS:  let’s talk about the Weekday Party Special.

BREANNA: Well, for The Weekend Parties, it’s $34.95 or $39.95 per child, depending on the package that you want to do. However, for our Weekday Party Special, the price is $24.99 per child for any of the party packages that we offer. We have three party packages and the only difference for the weekday party is that you get one party coach instead of two. However if you have over 15 kids, we will add a second party coach. So you will get the same party!

HUMDINGERS: How can companies work with you to create events?

BREANNA: All they have to do is call me a minimum of two weeks before the event to make a reservation. As long as we have availability, we can lock them in.

We have Team Builder packages, our Doozy Happy Hour, that’s usually our daytime package, we have a Jim Dandy Long Lunch, and there’s a bunch of different things we do for bowling in our Bowladrome. You get Play Cards for our arcade games and all of your food is included as well.

HUMDINGERS: How can people contact you to make all of this happen?

BREANNA: We prefer a personal touch so please call me. You can email if you wish to get started. Please feel free to call me after checking out our packages on our website at Call at 201-701-1900 Ext 105 and just ask for Breanna. 

HUMDINGERS: Is there anything else that you would like to say to our loyal readers?

BREANNA: We have really fun parties!