Humdingers offers 12 boutique bowling lanes for all ages and groups. These brand spankin’ new boutique lanes are equipped with Brunswick’s latest scoring system which includes several really fun and innovative games and scoring graphics in addition to traditional scoring.

Each lane is equipped with their own personal tablet located on the coffee table to control their experience. You can simply just “Bowl Now” and traditional ten pin bowling with the default scoring graphic will start up. You can also change your scoring graphic which appears on your HD monitor over your lane at any time. We have 15 themes to satisfy all ages with various trivia, graphics upon bowling a spare, strike or just for trying! PLUS, we have something we bet you’ve never ever seen before on any bowling lane ever. We have 3 different “1 ball” games: EZ Bowl, Creature Feature, and HORSE. Yes, that’s right HORSE, just like basketball horse. Use your lane tablet to control the shot you want all the players after you to try. Drop the headpin and 5 pin, drop a 7-10 split if you really want your fellow bowlers to have it tough, and all the players to follow must make the shot or get a letter – just like basketball HORSE! These 3 “1-ball” games are FREE!

ANGRY BIRDS Bowling – yes we continue to get the latest and greatest in bowling technology. One of the hottest games in our Brunswick lineup is Angry Birds. Played like the video game, Angry Birds is an interactive experience with your overhead scoring monitor. It’s outrageous! Give it a try. Angry Birds is FREE! Just select it on your personal coffee table tablet on your lane. Great for all your bowlers.

Pin Pix – WOW is all we can say. Check it out!!

Rival Rumble – Another of the hottest new games (select game on your lane tablet) we’ve incorporated into our Brunswick SYNC system. Check it out with your friends. Big time fun!!!

Hungry? Need some fuel to get those X’s? During prime time your personal lane server will bring your food order right to your lane. Each lane has comfortable seating for your group. Our four GIANT 16′ x 9′ screens will keep you entertained between turns watching the game or other special we have showing in prime times. Bowling at Humdingers is sure to be Extraordinary!  During off peak times you may order in the cafe and be given a pager so you can pick up your food piping hot!

How to work the bowling touch-screen system!

In each lane at Humdingers, YOU have the power to choose different game types, edit player's names, order food and much more! This clip provides a simple step-by-step approach on how to operate our user-friendly bowling touch-screen system!

Posted by Humdingers on Saturday, March 25, 2017