90s Pop Culture Trivia Recap!

Steve hosted 90s Pop Culture Trivia!

The 90s were in full effect on Friday, July 13th as several teams battled it out to see who were the Fresh Princes of 90s trivia.

Here’s a quick video featuring show host Steve talking to all of the teams during the Name The 90s Band round .

Here is a quick recap of last night’s trivia event. 1990’s Pop Culture Trivia produced by Trivia AD!

Posted by Humdingers on Saturday, July 14, 2018

Humdingers Carvel Trivia!

Yep, we have a Carvel located inside Humdingers!

Steve hosts this trivia video and quizzes you on the history of Tom Carvel.


Humdingers LIVE Coming Soon!

Humdingers show host Steve broadcast our first episode of Humdingers LIVE today on our Facebook page and got well over 200 views within a couple of hours!

Steve has a lot of plans for the show that includes live trivia, viewer Q&A, all of the latest Humdingers news, and lots more!

Go to our Facebook page right now and stay tuned!



Humdingers News

Steve gives you news about our recent trivia night!

Humdingers Eats

Check out the latest edition of HUMDINGERS EATS where your host Steve introduces you to the Bavarian Pretzel!

Hopewell Valley Vineyard Wines at Humdingers

The White Wines Are In For Summer

Now is the perfect time to find just the right wine as an antidote for the hot weather that’s out there.

Check out our video with host Steve talking to Ryan about our white wine selections.

Humdingers features an amazing selection of white wines from Hopewell Valley Vineyard. We also have a tasty selection of reds as well.

We have ample choices of white wines, rose’, and Prosecco.  Some of the grapes are imported from the Napa Valley, as well as the Washington Valley, and some of the wine even comes from a sister winery in Italy. Our wine menu will give you more of the info.

Hopewell  Valley Vineyard  is located in Pennington, New Jersey where they make and create amazing wines of all types. Humdingers has teamed up with this winery and we have a New Jersey wine outlet license through Hopewell Valley for about a year now. When ordering our wines, we just ask that you make a food order to complement your selections.

So right now is the time to get out of the heat and have yourself a nice glass of wine right here at Humdingers!



The Office Trivia Brings In Record Teams

Humdingers Paramus, June 29, 2018

The Office trivia on Friday night had a record number of attendees which blew away all previous numbers. As of 8am the morning of the event, there were 149 registered attendees! Our staff worked very hard beginning the night before and continuing hours before the event with prep to make sure the seating and food orders and beverage serving was going to run smoothly as well it did. Hats off to all the hard working staff in the kitchen and out front! And of course to our incredible trivia host Steve Strangio for some comic relief while delivering a fantastic trivia night as always.

Just for the future if you do reserve for any of our trivia nights and get a return email stating we have large numbers, please come a few minutes early to assure you get you reserved table/seats, and get your food orders in. When you make a reservation for trivia you get your seats saved until the trivia scheduled start time, at which point we will move up other reservations or walk-ins to the better seating. So book early and come by early and play some games or just hang out with a nice bottle of wine!