Our Ultra High-End state-of-the-art audio video system will blow your events guests away! We can customize your events, with all your videos, pictures, logos and more, all on our MASSIVE screens, placed globally through Humdingers! And for our walk-in guests you can enjoy the same great audio video luxury while dining or bowling or anything while at Humdingers! Our 16′ wide x 9′ high massive HD projected screens in our Bowladrome are on every Friday 6pm through Sunday 6pm, and during the holidays and special dates. Our 90″ at the bar is always on with our primary program along with all the other screens at the bar and in our cafe seating area. Live live music? Check out our “Silo Sessions” at the Party Barn. Our giant 14′ barn door opens on Friday & Saturday nights to reveal the performer(s) of the night about 7:45pm. Go ahead – endulge in the sights and sounds that abound at Humdingers. We’re glad to serve.